Monday, November 17, 2008

Week Twelve -- Wild Windmillls

I have posted another ongoing challenge in the right hand column. Also, to facilitate participation from the other side of the globe, I am going to start posting challenges on Thursday evenings. Deadline for returning the weekly solutions will still be Saturdays at noon. There will be a little overlap but I think it'll work! Look for solutions to begin posting on Mondays.

And, check out this story!

Jaylene did a great job with her windmill. She was able to look at another that she had made and figure out how to use the new materials. Great job Jaylene!

K also did an awesome job! Here's a picture and a video. FAN-tastic work K.

Snufkin made her windmill from one piece of paper by cutting, folding, holding the sails with paper clips and then sewing a little button in the center. You should be proud of your design! Excellent job!

Moomintroll began his by making two circles and some little oval sails slotted together using paper clips. These were stitched into place between the two circles. Moomintroll straightened a paper clip, pushed the paper clip through the button, bent it ninety degrees, wrapped paper around the tip of the paper-clip before wedging the end into the straw. Again, an awesome design strategy! Fantastic work! Check out his video by clicking here.

Tyler, Alessia, and Nik had another creative design! Their's looks like a good old-fashioned windmill! Great job guys! You should be proud.

Jackson joined us this week for the first time and did an amazing job with his windmill! Check it out!

Cal and Levi worked very hard to create some wild windmills! You guys should be proud -- you did a great job!

Natalie sent in another wild windmill! Yet another design! Great thinking!

Alex and Charlie got a bit of help from their Dad this week! Both windmills turned when they blew on them but their mom says that the windmill that Dad helped with worked better. Awesome job guys!


Ruskin said...

Wow, everyone's are so different and all awesome! Congratulations everyone!

Ruskin said...

That is an amazing windmill. I clicked to get a closer look and saw how it was made. Beautiful, thanks for showing us!

Dana Leeds said...

I am impressed with the windmills! My daughter and I did this yesterday and I posted just now...