Thursday, November 20, 2008

American Thanksgiving Challenge -- Hats

Pretend you are going out to dinner at Grandma's (for Thanksgiving if you celebrate it or for a special occasion if you don't). Grandma is old fashioned and you must wear a hat to Grandma's!

Put 3 sheets of newspaper on the table. And, a large roll of masking tape. Tell your students (and guests if you decide to try this ON Thankskgiving) to make a hat. Model it and photograph it. Send us your pictures.

Then, check out these.

I'll begin posting solutions on Monday and will take them indefinitely. I encourage folks to get the solutions in within 9 days so that others can see them but I will always post them. If you find yourself with extra time and you decide to go back to do an old challenge, please send in the pics. And, if you try it with a school group, homeschool co-op, church group, etc. please send those pics too! The more the merrier and we can all learn from each other!


Cathy said...

Ooo! Fun. We'll definitely be doing this with the cousins on Thanksgiving. Maybe we can get the grown-ups involved too. I'd better stock up on newspaper and masking tape.

Ruskin said...

We can't wait to see all your lovely hats. Happy Thanksgiving when it comes everyone!