Monday, November 3, 2008

Week Ten -- Marshmallow arches

Gabriel (8) made an awesome marshmallow arch! Way to go Gabriel!

Snufkin made a 'pink keystone' bridge with her marshmallows and Moomintroll made his by cutting the marshmallows in half and sticking the cut sides against the uncut sides. They both turned out great! Congratulations on a job well thought out!

Jaylene broke each marshmellow in half and used the sticky sides to hold it all together. Fantastic work Jaylene!

JD (age 8- in orange shirt) and Jackson (age 6, in white shirt) both made fantabulous arches. You guys should be proud!

H and T made this arch. They wanted to make a larger one but didn't have enough marshmallows. Unfortunately, the arch started to collapse when we got out the camera!

Alex started by smashing his marshmallows together. His plan was to get them sticky before he tried to build the arch. As you see, he was successful! Great job!

Charlie started by cutting his marshmallows then sculpting them into an arch. Awesome job Charlie!

Christopher, Nathan, and their mom joined in this week making arches. They all did a fantabulous job. Here's Christopher's stonehenge:

And, Nathan's arch:

And, mom's bunny arch:

Alexandra and her mom, aunt, and niece made some marshmallow arches over the holidays. Here are their awesome solutions! Check out their post here.

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