Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Candy Challenge Solutions

Here is Jaylene's cow. Awesome job Jaylene!

Alessia, Tyler and Nik made several animals with the materials they had. There is a turtle, snail, witchety grub,slugs, termites, a centerpede, dog, and a giant ant. See if you can pick them! Awesome ideas guys!

Lucas and Tobin created a chocolate moose and the second a chewy squid! Very very cool creations! Great work guys!

Here's Gabriella's creation. Awesome!

Here's Eden's creature. Fantastic!

Here's Cole's creation. Superb!

Here's Noach's candy lion. Fantabulous!

Jackson (6) made a dog using 3 Tootsie Rolls, toothpicks for legs and the tail, a Smartie for the eye, and part of a banana runt for the ear. Fantastic!

JD (8) made a whitetail buck using 3 Tootsie Rolls for the body and head, straws for the legs, and toothpicks for the antlers. The white tail was made using a piece of taffy.

Emi Claxton joined us for the first time this week! She made an awesome candyman!

Gerrick is 4, and he decided to make a moose. What a great idea!

Monkeet made an awesome snake! Great work.

Steven made an awesome pterodactyl!

Andy, Will and Zack made a kangaroo, dog and a rhino. These are amazing! Superb work guys!

Jacob created The Floopy. It is like a flounder becuase it lays on its side in the ocean. What a great creation! Excellent job Jacob!

Josh created a Sucker - it sucks blood and lives on the bottom of the ocean and in the air - like a whale: breathes air and lives in the water but can fly also. I hope I never run into the sucker! Awesome creation, Josh!

Alex created a camouflaged snake slithering toward his mushroom ( and near the mushroom is a line of ants(Tootsie Roll) carrying off a piece of gum. Fantastic!

Charlie created a porcupine that he was apparently pretty eager to eat! Superb Charlie!

Noah Hanks from TN made "Bob" out of Starburst and Dots. Great job Noah!

Poohsticks had a party making candy animals! Excellent work everyone!

Cal made an awesome unicorn!

Robyn made a really cool lion!

Levi made a candle! Good job, Levi!

Joab made a dino! Great dino!

Helen made a snake. Superb, Helen!

Tolly made a unicorn! Fantabulous, Tolly!

The kids over at Anywho joined us this week. Here are their awesome solutions:

a deer with antlers and trunk, a snarkle, and a mad king cobra with hood up

H and T made a dog out of 3 toothpicks, 1 piece of chewed gum, 2 kitkat bars, a lollipop, and a gummy worm.

They also made a malt ball octopus with 4 gummy worms, 2 toothpicks, and a malt ball.

Nathan made an awesome giraffe!

Christopher made a fantastic lion!

Selena just sent in her zany xylophone. Superb job Selena!


The Giggles Family said...

I wanted to get to know the person who posts these challenges each week so.... I am tagging you! Check out my blog for details... yes, I can wait 'til Wednesday :)
Have fun!

Sunny said...

I love Marmallows!
They look like their having a blast!