Monday, October 6, 2008

Week Six -- Super Solutions

Our first participant for this challenge, K, returned his entry by Sunday morning! He did an awesome job with his bridge holding 216 pennies and 50 quarters! Way to go, K!

Sadie opted for a suspension bridge of sorts using spaghetti and paper as her primary support. She dropped 57 quarters inside the structure before it collapsed. The second picture was taken just before that moment. Awesome work Sadie! Isn't it fun to see such a variety of solutions? It proves that there is not one right answer!

Here are four more completed bridges! Super job everyone! You should be proud of your work!

Maggie--44 quarters

Jacob--100 quarters

Katie--31 pennies and quarters

Ben--23 quarters (a little distracted because he kept wanting to nibble on the dried thin spaghetti)

Here's JediBoy with his 37-quarter bridge! Awesome job!

This was Taylor's first challenge and after a practice build that didn't work out, Taylor got her bridge to hold 60 pennies. It looked like so much fun that her Daddy and Mom decided to build one too! Fantastic solution Taylor!

Will, Zach, and Andy added scissors to the project, but all the other items were the same. Because they didn't have that much change lying around, they used a bit larger items to test the weight. All three of them did an awesome job!

Sam tried a few times. Then he decided to put the spaghetti in a square formation. He ended up putting 25 quarters on before it collapsed! Awesome work, Sam.

Audrey's bridge didn't quite span 9 inches, but it held 69 cents off the table! Great work Audrey!

Pennies kept falling off of Mary's bridge. They kept slipping off, so she built another contraption to test the bridge's strength.

Mary and Audrey are adding pennies to the cups hanging from Mary's bridge. The supports collapsed at 150 pennies.

Jaylene thought it was a little silly to build a bridge and have it stand alone. So we designed two “mountains” that would allow the bridge to have a genuine purpose, making sure that the land didn’t add to the strength of the bridge. She was determined to make it look like a suspension bridge so the spoons were used for strength and the spaghetti for decoration. Once the bridge was completed, she decided that Pirate Hello Kitty would be using the bridge to carry her treasure to it’s hiding spot. It held 110 multinational coins! Awesome work Jaylene!

H and T got 103 quarters but this picture only shows about 42. They were so excited that they forgot to keep taking pictures! They used plastic spoons and broke off the spoon part on both. Then they made a sandwich that had a folded piece of paper with spaghetti broken and running the width in the center. They placed the spoon parts at the end of the spaghetti going width wise. Then they placed the handles of the spoons on either of the center going length wise. Then they wrapped it in a second piece of paper. It was pretty sturdy. It may have held more weight like a book if the weight was distributed more evenly but the quarters were tippy. Great work H and T!

Noach built a bridge that held 161 pennies. Since quarters weighed 5.7g and pennies 2.5g, this converted to 70.6 quarters. A little math with construction! Awesome work Noach!

The Peterson girls did a fantastic job with their bridge! They came up with a great solution to the tippy cup problem! Check it out:

Chip came up with a different way of doing things. First he used Duct Tape! His paper was card stock. His "bridge" of paper was taped to the cups that hung over the backs of two chairs. Thus, a real bridge. He ended up with 245 coins all together with a grand total of $6.75.

Dill taped the spoons to the card stock and then to the cup using scotch tape. He put the spaghetti on the paper and started stacking. He ended up with 370 coins all together.

Sweet also used card stock and split her tape by using 7.5" of scotch tape and 7.5" of duct tape. She taped her paper on the cups and put the spaghetti on top of the paper. She then used the duct tape to make supports in the middle of the paper with the spoons. She got 125 coins.


Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

I've been by a few times and love this site. I love to see how inventive the kids are and I hope to get my children involved, too.

I was wondering if you could link in your post to the different permalinks that participate so we could read their process and comment on their posts, too? I see your sidebar list of participants, but it doesn't link to direct Think! posts. Thanks for considering. Hope I didn't offend in asking. :)

If things go well tonight, maybe we'll have something to submit tomorrow! :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun with this one! Looking forward to the next challenge. Great work everyone.

Scribbit said...

What a way to get them thinking of something more than the video games--I love it!