Monday, October 27, 2008

Week Nine -- Applelicious Solutions

This week's problem was a bit different! When you send in your solutions, let us know what you thought or just click on the comment link and let us know. Here are the solutions! First, check out this!

C, age 9, carved an apple vampire with toothpick fangs! Great job C!

Alessia from Australia sculpted a house. Awesome roof!

Tyler made a halloween pumpkin. Cool Grin!

Nik created a snowman. It might be the first apple snowman ever! Great job!

Jody and Tyler in New York made a hot air balloon, water tower, and alien craft. Fantastic ideas!

This is the first of H and T's apples. They are doing several. It is supposed to resemble a cartoon character of some sort. The toothpicks are bushy eyebrows. The apple parts on the sides are ears. The apple stem is a nose. The apple bits at the top are hair pieces. Good job girls.

Sam created a weather satellite! Great work Sam!

Solomon made a Lunar Lander. Awesome lander!

JD, 8, carved a face using his teeth and only one toothpick. Fantastic face JD!

Blake did an awesome job with his jackolantern! It even has legs!

Moomintroll used just his teeth to bite a relief of a spooky ghost's face.

Snufkin used just her toothpicks to create a miniature pumpkin apple. We put a little piece of birthday candle in and lit it for fun.

Jackson, who is 6, carved Frankenstein! Great job!

Daxter created a drum and drum sticks. Awesome! Wonder what it sounded like?

Ratchet created a monster with a HUGE mouth! Great idea!

Halo created a person. Cool person, Halo!

Bennet settled on a boat propeller after deciding against a rectangle. Great job Bennet!

Lisel joined in too making lollipop!

Selena was all out of regular apples so the first creation was from tiny crabapples. She made a caterpillar. Then, her Daddy took pity on her and brought home a sack of regular apples so she made a 'normal' one. Its a scared apple being eaten by a caterpillar! Way to go Selena!

Isaiah ended up with a bird. His toothpicks were used for the eye, the legs and an insect that the bird is about to eat. His mom made a flower. Pretty awesome!

Jacob made his first one a totem pole (he used 2 apples). Great idea!

Then, he made an airplane! Another great idea!

After eating the Grand Canyon, Joshua ended up with the Death Star from Star Wars. Cool!

Cal made an alien: applealien. Great alien!

Tolly made a guy with one hair but decided it was an alien after hearing about his brother’s creature: appletolly. Great job!

Levi made a “thing”: applelevi (He used more than four toothpicks, but he’s three and was delighted to just poke his apple.) Great job Levi!

Cal, Tolly and Levi's mom made a cat: applecat. Cool cat!

Gracy made a two-faced apple. Comedy & Tragedy perhaps? Love it!

Maggie proudly displays her UFO. Awedome Maggie!

Will and Andy both used a Halloween theme for their apples. Great work guys!

Jaylene chose to poke the toothpicks in to create an airplane and played with it for a long time, flying it around. Great idea Jaylene!

Jaylene's mom made a hedgehog!

Alex created a face and then started eating up his project right after his mom snapped the picture. Charlie made a round airplane...and the toothpicks are the wings. Fantastic work guys!

Check out these apples made at a Think! club! They're great! You should all be proud.


The Giggles Family said...

This week's idea was really neat! I have showed my kids the supplies and they cannot wait to get to it later today... (we have a play date to go to right now, or else we would be doing it now!)
Thanks for coming up with another great idea!

Pecos Blue said...

I just love your site!

Ruskin said...

What a great crab-apple caterpiller. How original!

Anonymous said...

My daughters both tried this and had fun.