Monday, October 20, 2008

Week Eight -- Eggcellent Solutions

K got his straw structure to stand up under the weight of the egg and managed to keep it above the 1 height limit! Excellent job K!

M cut the 12 straws in 2 to get 24 smaller straws. Then, he stacked them to make a triangular base- box. He cut the 12in. tape in 2 lengthwise to get a 24 in. tape, but still he ran out of tape. His 'egg support' was about 3 inches high. Awesome work M!

R used wooden skewers instead of straws and tied them with a ribbon. Strong work R!

T and H used 12 bendy straws. 6 were bendy part up and 6 bendy part down. They put a strip of tape around the top and another around the bottom then splayed out the bends for support on both ends. Great job T and H!

Solomon did an awesome job! Here's his eggcellent structure:

In front here is Sam's structure. Sam is in the background eating the first 'failed' attempt at his egg bridge. The egg had a little accident on the floor the first time but since it was hardboiled, Sam just gobbled it up! Great work Sam!

Snufkin (age 13) made a square egg holder with props and her egg was raised 1 and 3/4 inches off the table. Fantastic job Snufkin!

Moomintroll (aged 11) decided to use triangles because they are the strongest shape and he attached four uncut straw uprights to triangular shapes. He managed 6 3/4 inches off the table. He added an egg on the lower 'shelf' at the end for fun. Excellent idea Moomintroll!

Noach raised a raw egg a little over 1 inch. Awesome job Noach!

Daxter used 9 straws folded into triangles and stacked them bringing the egg almost 3 inches off the table! Great job Daxter!

Ratchet used the tops only of 12 straws. He taped 6 in a row and then bent the ends and taped them together to make the egg stand about 2.5” off the table! Excellent work Ratchet!

Halo used all 12 of his straws and all of his tape to make a stand that kept the egg 6 inches off the table. It was really wobbly at first so Halo had to keep bending and testing the stability ... his mom reports that it was a good thing that they hard boiled the eggs first!

Daxter, Ratchet, and Halo's Mom did one too using 6 straws cut into four (24 pieces). She taped 6 pieces together in strips making 3 strips. Then, she created a triangle shape. Her egg was 2” off the table.

Blake first tied together 2 "bendy" straws to make a V. Then he took a third, looped it around and taped it closed. He used this as the third side of the triangle. He did this three more times and stacked the triangles. Awesome job Blake!

Both Gracy and Maggie met the challenge and did an awesome job elevating their egg! You should be proud. Maggie even had side rails! For more pictures and description, see their link on the right.

Monkeet also did an awesome job with his egg! To learn more, see his solution on the right. It kind of looks like an alien spaceship!

Gryphon used skewers and tape. His egg was about 7 inches from the table surface and the egg was donated by one of his chickens just this morning! Awesome work Gryphon!

Will made a teepee-like stand for his egg. Fantastic job Will!

Andy went with a lower profile stand that used only 4 straws and 8" of tape. Awesome job Andy!

Zack went with a more complex design and even tied some straws together to accomplish his goal. His egg was over 3 inches off the table. Superb work Zack!

Bennet came up with the idea of making a 'barrel.' He cut the bends out of the straws, then cut the rest of the straw to be about the same length as the short section. That made each straw into 4 pieces, so we had about 48 little bits. Then he taped it all together into a barrel. Awesome work Bennet!

Savannah was the first one as far as we can tell that used tape as a bed for the egg and built it up on a platform like structure with supports to keep the egg from rolling off. She used a raw egg - which got a bit messy when she discovered a weak point in the structure! Awesome thinking outside of the box Savannah!

Chip made the "quintaped" that kept the egg 7 inches above the table. Great work!

Dill elevated his egg 5.5 inches. Cool construction!

Sweet elevated hers 7 inches. Love the egg bed!

Beth just completed her elevated egg and did an eggcellent job!!!!!

It's December, but Mahayla and Caleb just joined the fun and completed these awesome egg structures!

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WOW!! Great results :) I hadn't even thought of some of those. That's fantastic :)