Monday, October 13, 2008

Week Seven -- Sonic Solutions

Note: links to web pages describing solutions in more detail can be found in the right column.

Rylan, age 7, and Cale, age 5, were the first to finish this week's challenge and they both did an awesome job! Both rolled down a cardboard box makeshift ramp which was about 2 ft long. Rylan used 1 piece of paper, tape, 2 pencils and the lids off 2 double sided markers:

Cale used 3 pieces of paper, 2 markers with lids off, 2 pencils, and tape. Here's his solution:

K successfully built a paper car and even got it to roll down a ramp for 38 inches. Great job K!

T and H made two cars. Car number one consisted of 2 sheets of paper, tape, and 2 pencils and they decorated it with two markers. It rolled slowly down a makeshift ramp that was 3 feet long.

Car number two consisted of 2 pencils, 2 markers, 4 sheets of paper, and tape. It rolled faster down our makeshift ramp. The weight, wheel size, and shape helped.

Noah(6) and Ethan(4) made their car together. They used 4 pieces of paper, 2 pencils, tape and markers to decorate it. It successfully rolled down a small ramp they made for 18 inches. Awesome work guys!

I've been out all day so I apologize for the delay in posting some recent solutions. Here they are though:

H (14),M (10), and R(9) teamed up to build this car out of 2 sheets of strong Manilla type paper and 2 markers. The wheels roll beautifully! It rolled way beyond our 3 feet make-shift cardboard ramp. Great teamwork!

M. used 2 markers and 2 pencils to support the car and rolled 2 sheets of papers to make 2 small wheels in the front and one large one in the back. The markers go through the wheels and the pencils are fixed to the markers and the body of the car by tape. It rolled for 2 meters (about 3 feet). You should be proud!

Here is Halo’s car. He is 4. He used 3 sheets of paper, tape and two markers. It made it 10” after the ramp. Great job Halo!

Here is Daxter’s car. He is 9. He used tape, 4 sheets of paper 2, pencils and 2 markers inside the vehicle to weigh it down. It traveled 50” after the ramp. Excellent work Daxter!

Ratchet is 6 and he made his car with 2 markers, tape and 4 pieces of paper. His car traveled 12" after the ramp. Awesome job Ratchet!

Bennet (6) was absolutely thrilled to have free reign with the tape and markers! Here's what he created. It slid down his ramp. Great job Bennet!

Gryphon used 2 pencils, 2 markers, 2 sheets of paper and some scotch tape. His car rolled/slid 8 inches off the end of the ramp. Great work Gryphon!

Taylor made adjustments before she decided to just take the wheels all the way off! Then the car rolled all the way down the ramp! Awesome job Taylor!

Will went more for form and went with the tank. Awesome thinking!

Zack went with aerodynamics and used an almost sled-like runner style with weights at the end for speed. Spectacular!

Chip made rings out of paper and taped the markers and pencils inside the rings. He then made a big loop and taped it to the outside of the two bigger rings and taped a piece of paper on top of that. It went down the 5' ramp. When it hit the bottom, it fliped over. It was petty cool. Fantastic Chip!

Dill made boxes from two pieces of the paper and taped them together as bottom and lid. He then taped a pencil on the bottom and put the lids to the markers on each end of the pencil The lidless markers were then taped on the other end of the car, though they didn't roll. His car made it down the mat though the "marker cap wheels" fell off part of the way down and it ended up sliding sideways and crash landing at the end. Great job Dill!

Sweet made a rectangular box out of 1 sheet of paper. She then put holes through each side of the car big enough to stick a pencil through. She made 4 loops from a piece of card stock, put the loops on a piece of paper and x-acto-knived 8 circles. She taped the circles onto the sides of each loop and stuck one end of the pencil (that is being held by the car) into the loops. Awesome wheels Sweet!

Maggie, Jacob, Katie, and Ben did an awesome job. Here is their car:

Jaylene made a fantastic pink car using origami and her mom took some awesome pictures! She used small paper wheels taped to the bottom. And, she used the markers to make a windshield and other details for her car. Great job Jaylene!

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