Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week Twenty-Eight -- Nails

You will need lots of straws, 5 inches of tape and 15 3-inch nails.

Build a structure with your nails that will hold as many straws as possible and as high off the table as possible. You may not use the tape on the straws!


Debbie Phillips said...

I don't understand??? this may just be a duh moment. I have wanted to get back to doing these projects and checked in this morning so we could do this this week but HUH??? What??? I could use a picture to help! I guess I will wait til some of the kids/parents do theirs and then I will see what you mean.

Build a structure with just nails and tape is that it? and then see how many straws it will hold.

thanks for clarification and or picture if you can help that would be great.

Think! said...

No instructions. They can do anything! A house of nails, a tower of nails, straws standing upright on nails. The idea is to get them thinking creatively about solving an open-ended problem with myriad solutions. Posting one solution shortly, but would encourage you to just tell the kids to build a structure from nails and tape that will support as many straws as possible. They'll figure it out:)