Monday, March 23, 2009

Week Thirty Solutions - Precious Puppets

Boo and Zee at Journey into Unschooling made a video of their puppets! Finding the limited amount of tape to be the biggest challenge, Zee and Boo constructed their puppets out of straws, paper, string, paper clips, and the little bit of tape allowed. Boo rolled his paper up and made a 3D dog, attaching each piece as he finished them. The way in which he attached the legs to the body was interesting -- he first looped one end of the clips onto the body and then stuck the other end into the center of the leg rolls. In other words, the legs were held in place by the paper clip-tension. Zee drew out his design on paper first, before cutting it out and attaching the pieces. He made a person whose head and limps were woven together using paperclips. Be sure to watch their video; it's magnificent!

Snufkin decided to make a robot because she had lots of nice silver paper left over from Christmas. She made a box out of the silver paper and joined it together with little paper bolts. She made a box head; attached jointed limbs on with the paper clips; attached string to the limbs and attached these strings to a marionette-style t-shaped bar. Check out her video here.

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