Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week Twenty Four -- Trash

Tell your kids to pick 5 items out of the trash can. Don't tell them why until they have done so.

Then give them scissors, tape, and string and tell them to make a fish that will float. Test it and send in pics.

Here are some things created from trash -- there are lots of neat things out there, just google trash art!


Anonymous said...

I have an idea to share here. How about "One Man Band"? Has "Think" done it before? Like the guy at the beginning of "Mary Poppins" movie.

Gerky said...

You know we love the challenges. I am sorry we haven't been more active. I do have pictures of challenges I need to post but blogger has been a pain when it come to posting pictures. but to let you know how much I love the challenges I gave you a bloggy e-ward. You can see it here.