Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Challenge Solutions -- Tremendous Trees

Again, apologies for the delays in posting. Please go back and see the new solutions added to the rock challenge, the hands free art challenge, the marshmallow arch challenge and the hat challenge.

7-year old Tucker was joined by his parents in this challenge. Tucker did a terrific job with his tree(a classic cone with slits). His dad, Jeff (47) drew upon his Swedish ancestry to make his tree and his mom made two Seussian trees (Cindi, 42). We Older brother Jackson worked on a cone then went with making beautiful foil angels. Dad was the only one to find a good use for the twisty noodles. You guys should be proud!

9 year Michaela constructed a tremendous tree in almost Northern Ontario, Canada! you should be proud!

Over at School for Us, Alexandra's grandma, mom, and Alexandra made some awesome trees! Check out the post here.

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