Monday, January 19, 2009

Card City Solutions

Apologies for the delay in posting. Here are the solutions:

Gerrick did a fantabulous job! He immediately moved his cards to the floor because the carpet would help them stand. He started building "teepees" and said he was going to build an Indian village. He even included a waterfall! You can see more pictures of his solution here.

Cody and Jordan joined us for the first time and did an absolutely marvelous job! Hope to "see" you again! You can read more about their solution here.

Zee started with a very simple triangular structure, which didn't stay up too well. After that, he discovered the 3-card hut and made a bunch of those. Then, he cleverly connected the huts with a card path. Great job Zee! If you want to read more, you can read about Zee's solution here.

Modesta, Hailey, & Lore joined us this week and did a magnificent job with their city! They should be proud. They participate in a competition called Destination Imagination that focuses on creative problem solving. If you are interested in learning more, go here.

Snufkin and Moomintroll are back! They did a superb job with the city as well. To see more pictures, go here. Snufkin made a tepee city but found that laying cards across the ridges at the top helped stabilise the structure considerably. She
also almost threw her cards on instead of laying them carefully. It
disturbed the structure less.

Moomintroll made square units like this instead. It was quite
difficult to stand them up with one pair of hands but they were more
stable than the triangular structures. He stabilized them further by
laying roofs on top. To make a true city we think we would need a lot
more time, patience and sticky cards.

Alex and Charlie worked hard on their card city and did a fantastic job! To read more about their awesome creations and to see more pictures, go here.

Georgia and Olivia used some cool animal cards and a triangle structure for their solutions. They did a marvelous job! To read more, go here.

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