Monday, December 1, 2008

Week Fourteen -- Radical Rock Solutions

Jessie made a really radical rock tower! Great job Jessie.

Trey and Selena also did an awesome job stacking rocks!

Taylor (13) used lava rocks (all but 2 of them) for rock balancing. There is snow on the ground where he lives so he wasn't too keen on going for a walk to track down other rocks. While working on this he wondered if cave-kids did this sort of a thing as a game way back when. To add to the fun, Taylor also photoshopped his tower onto a background! Magnificent job Taylor!

Georgia, 8, joined us for the first time this week and she did an awesome job! Hope to see you again!

Olivia also joined us for the first time. She is 5 and did an absolutely wonderful job stacking!

Nathan and Christopher did a magnificent job with their rock stacks!

And, Gerrick built a tremendous tower of rocks!

Explore Academy used some small painted Halloween rocks that were on hand. Good job stacking!

The Leingangs did an absolutely maginificent job with their rock towers!

We have more solutions from Tolly, Cal, Levi and their mom. You can read more about them here. You guys should be very proud!

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Kris Bordessa said...

Thanks for the link to Bill Dan's rock stacking page! I blogged about him and linked back over here.