Monday, December 8, 2008

Musical Vegetables -- Solutions

Note: I am a bit under the weather but hope to post some more submissions today. I will try to get things loaded tomorrow.

This was a hard challenge, but Moomintroll and Snufkin came up with some awesome solutions! For their video, go here.

Moomintroll was ambitious and tried several methods of making a wind instrument. First he tried something like a recorder. He found putting a toothpick across the blowing hole helped the sound a little. He then tried making a separate mouth piece which he inserted into a hollowed carrot. This time he didn't have a hole at the end. It was tricky to get a good sound from the carrot though.

Snufkin made a percussion instrument with toothpicks of gradually increasing size for different notes. She called it a 'beezer' after a bee. The toothpicks make a buzzing sound and the toothpick at the base is like the bee's sting.

You guys should be very proud of yourselves for working with a very hard challenge and coming up with great solutions!

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