Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week Thirty Eight Solutions - Earth Homes

Here are the mud houses that Doviegirl (11) and BananaBerry (13) made:
House 1 used: 4 pieces of bark, 11 sticks,and 6 bits of wood for 21 items in all.

House 2 used mostly mud and 7 sticks.

This was an extra challenge because they did it in the snow! Congratulations girls on a marvelous job!

Boo and Zee also did a fantastic job.

Zee's materials of choice included bark, leaves, and grass. It reminded his mom of one of the less fortunate Little Pig's houses that got blown down by the slightest puff. One of the side walls was made up entirely of bark, while the other side was more airy. Zee had originally selected rocks as well, but these never made it to the final construction.

Boo had a plan all along -- the Lincoln Log Cabin. He gathered plenty of twigs, which he broke into even more pieces, and methodically stacked four walls. For the roof, he piled on leaves and bark. The finished structure brings to mind a packrat midden or rodent home. She says she knows there's a secret entrance in there somewhere...

Amazing job!

And, check out these homes by Lime Green! More wonderful work!

Just got pictures from Orca and Alce -- absolutely marvelous! The blue pieces are the backyard pool! Very clever.

Just in: Maya's solution. It is marvelous!

You can read about it here.

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