Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week Three -- Boats

First of all, we will have a random drawing this week for participants. Two lucky participants will receive a Think! t-shirt.

Now, for the challenge:

Gather up your pennies (you may need more than 100). Put one piece of aluminum foil measuring 12 x 18 inches on the table in front of the kids. Add two straws.

Tell them to make a boat from the supplied materials (note: they cannot use anything besides themselves and the materials provided -- they cannot use scissors). Then, fill your sink with water. Put pennies in the boat until it sinks or flips. Count how many pennies the boat can hold. Send us the pictures and the results and you'll be automatically entered in our giveaway drawing.

For a simple tutorial on how boats work, go here.

And, we've added a new long-term challenge to the list below. Check them out. We will always take submissions on these challenges. No deadlines!

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