Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bricks and blankets

Zee has some awesome answers for you:

Throw the blanket over someone and whack them with the brick.
Tie blanket around brick to make a parachute.
Tie blanket around the brick and use as a hard pillow.
Hollow out brick and cut piece of blanket to use as sailboat.
Tie blanket into a knot and juggle it with the brick.
Dig a hole and cover with the blanket. Put the brick in front of it and make pit fall trap.
Break a shard of brick and use as a pin to wear the blanket.

See his pictures here as well.


Anonymous said...

I think that first one is pretty disturbing. do you really want your child to cover someone with a blanket and hit them with a brick?

Think! said...

Hope that no one would choose to whack someone with a brick!