Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week Forty -Eight -- Straw towers

You'll need -- a bag of straws, 6 inches of string, 6 paperclips, and 6 inches of tape. The challenge is to build the tallest and strongest tower you can. Choose three medium sized hardback books. Build the tower as tall and you can but make sure that it supports the 3 books. Snap a picture. Send it in. Congratulate yourself on some thinking well done.


Cindy said...

How long do they have to complete these? It seems like by the time I see your blog and gather the items, it's already too late to post it on your blog. :( I know we can still do it, but part of the fun is doing it "with" lots of other kids! Just wondering. You can email me back if you want and delete this message. Thanks!

Think! said...

I will post them whenever they come. I took a few weeks off and the synchronization of new posts is off by a few days, but the routine should be that challenges post on Thursday evening on the site. I will not post any solutions until Monday, but will post all solutions whenever they are submitted. Hope that helps.