Monday, May 25, 2009

Week Thirty Nine Solutions -- Perfect Pulleys

Noah (7) and his mom Nathalie built this contraption using 1 wire hanger, 1 wooden spool, some string and a paperclip. Noah used it to pull up a LEGO building. You should be proud of your work Noah! Magnificent job!

Working off the above diagram, Zee constructed his pulley using the following materials:

2 empty ribbon spools
6 yards of ribbon PLUS extra yarn
wire/pipe cleaners
willing penguin rider

Here are two other amazings views. Zee tried many "passengers" from penguins, to water bottles, to rocks, to test the integrity of the system. After weighing each item, he found out that the maximum weight capacity for the basket, before it broke, was somewhere between 4-5 pounds. The pulley itself, however, remained in good shape! Congratulations Zee! Another perfect pulley.

Just in: a super solution from Maya:

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